Preventing Hairballs in Cats

The occasional hairball is a part of life for most cats—after all, they ingest a lot of hair while grooming themselves, and what isn’t excreted in feces comes up naturally through regurgitation. If your cat produces excessive hairballs, though, it’s time to act! Learn more from your vets Marietta, GA.


Brush your cat regularly; this traps loose fur in the brush itself, reducing the amount swallowed by your cat. Consult your vet to find out what type of brush will work best with your cat’s fur.

Proper Diet

When your cat receives the right nutrients through food, their skin and fur stay healthy and shedding is reduced. In addition, your cat’s digestive function is improved. This ultimately means less hairballs found on your carpets and floors!

Lubrication Products

Certain cats may benefit from intestinal lubrication products, designed to help hair move smoothly through the digestive tract. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.

If you still can’t seem to cut down on a number of hairballs made by your cat, set up an appointment to have your feline friend examined. As your veterinarian Marietta, GA, we are here to help with all of your pet’s veterinary care needs!

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