Preventing Hairballs

Since cats naturally ingest some of their own hair while grooming themselves, the occasional hairball is perfectly healthy. However, too many hairballs are just plain gross. Use your Olathe, KS vet’s tips to cut down on the hairballs that your cat regurgitates.

Regular Grooming

Brushing your cat with a good quality comb will remove a lot of loose or dead fur, greatly reducing the amount that your cat swallows. In this way, hairballs will occur less frequently. Ask your veterinarian if you have questions about your feline friend’s grooming regimen.

Quality Diet

A high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet is key for great skin and fur health. This will cut down on shedding, reducing hairball production in the long run. Additionally, a great diet will help move hair through your cat’s digestive tract, allowing it to be expelled in the feces in the proper fashion.

Intestinal Lubrication

If hairballs are a particular problem for your cat, you may want to consider an intestinal lubricant. These products are designed to line the digestive tract and help hair move through it easily. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.

Make an appointment at your Olathe, KS animal hospital if your cat needs quality veterinary care.

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