Like pit bulls, rottweilers don’t have the best reputation, but they are actually very loyal. Ask your Livonia, MI vet if a rottweiler is a good choice for your family.


Rottweilers are large and have the perfect athletic build – strong and agile. They could be the perfect companion for running or hiking, however, make sure to talk to your Livonia, MI vet before taking your dog along for these activities. Because they are so athletic, they need to be walked at least twice a day.

Hard Workers

Rottweilers were originally bred to help drive cattle. They are often chosen as police or military dogs. They can also be great guard dogs for a family. If not properly trained, they can become aggressive, but they aren’t naturally vicious. Ask your Livonia, MI vet about how to train your rottweiler.


Rottweilers are very smart and natural leaders in a group. In a family setting, they are affectionate and love to play and can be very laid-back.

If you choose to adopt a rottweiler, be prepared for some mistrust from people who don’t understand them. Always consult your Livonia, MI vet before adopting a new pet.

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