Safely Walking Your Dog at Night

Nighttime walks are a normal part of life for many dogs—some dogs need a walk before bed, and sometimes our schedules prevent us from walking our pets until it’s dark outside. Be sure that your dog stays safe—use these tips from a Greenville, SC vet.


Both you and your dog should don reflective gear of some kind—vests, a leash with built-in reflective strips, shoes, etc.—to make yourselves more easily visible to passing motorists, bicyclists, and other walkers. Pick up this sort of gear for your dog at your local pet supply shop.

Road Choice

Whenever possible, walk your pooch on the sidewalk. If a sidewalk isn’t available, do your best to choose roads with a wide shoulder portion for you and your dog’s safety. This greatly reduces the chances of an accident occurring.

Recall Command

Even well-trained dogs can dart off after a squirrel or another pedestrian when the mood strikes. If the leash should slip out of your grasp, a good recall command may be your last resort. Make sure your dog knows a command like “come” or “heel.”

Want more tips for walking Fido at night? Contact your veterinarians Greenville, SC a call.

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