Safety on the Road

When you decide to go on a long trip and you want to take your dog along, it’s advisable to take precautions to make sure that Fido is safe and secure the whole way. For the best and most up to date equipment, ask your Niagara Falls vet for more information.


Make sure that you have a crate which can both be secured and has enough room for Fido to stand and turn around. If he’s going to be in there a while, he needs to be safe yet comfortable. Ask your Niagara Falls vet for more about this.

Food and Water

Make sure that you have adequate food and water appropriate for your dog along the journey. This will help give Fido something to do as well. Check with your Niagara Falls vet for more recommendations.


Make sure that you have enough stops for Fido to use the restroom. Dogs typically have to go several times during the day, so plan adequately for stops. Also let your dog get in some exercise when you do pull off. This will help keep Fido from being restless. For more ask your Niagara Falls vet.

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