Saving Money on Cat Care

It sure would be nice to save a little money here and there when it comes to your cat. How do you do that without sacrificing Fluffy’s well-being? Here, your Mt. Pleasant, SC veterinarian gives you a few tips.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine isn’t just more effective than treatment, it’s far cheaper! Keep your cat up-to-date on essential vaccinations to ward off dangerous diseases, and make sure she’s wearing seasonal or year-round pest-control products. These methods are far less expensive than dealing with a serious health concern down the road.

Portion Control

Don’t overfeed your cat—not only are you wasting food and forcing yourself to buy more kibble more frequently, you’re contributing to obesity. Obesity will be costly and time-consuming to correct down the road! Ask your veterinary professional for advice on a proper portion size for your cat.

Skip the Extras

Your cat doesn’t really care whether or not they’re wearing a name-brand parka or an expensive pet perfume. Skip these extras entirely, or keep them relegated to the occasional indulgence or gift.

Does your cat need veterinary attention, vaccinations, or pest-control products? Make an appointment at your Pet Clinic Mt. Pleasant, SC today. We’re here to help!

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