Senior Dog Care Tips

Is your dog entering her golden years? Older dogs have slightly different care requirements than younger animals. Learn more here from a Jacksonville, FL veterinarian.


Most senior dogs will benefit from a specially formulated senior canine diet, most of which are lower in fat while maintaining a high protein level. Some diets are even made to help promote healthy skin, digestive well-being, or other areas of your dog’s health. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Home Modifications

If your dog is having trouble moving around the way she once did, try making a few simple modifications at home. Build or buy pet ramps to help your dog get up on furniture or trek up the stairs. You can also line slippery wood or tile floors with rugs or carpet strips to help your pooch maintain her footing.

Veterinary Visits

Now more than ever, regular visits to the veterinarian’s office are essential for your dog’s health and well-being. Veterinarians recommend that dogs come in at least twice a year; if your dog has specific health issues or care requirements, more frequent appointments may be necessary. Talk to your vets Jacksonville, FL if you need to have your senior dog examined.

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