Senior Dog Heatlhcare Tips

If your dog is over the age of seven, she’s probably getting close to what we would consider a senior. Now more than ever, she needs your loving attention! Here, your Fox Chapel, PA vet gives you a few tips on caring for a senior dog.


Senior Diet

All older dogs should be fed a nutritionally balanced, high-quality senior diet. The nutritional needs of an older animal are much different than a puppy’s! Ask your veterinarian to recommend a good senior dog food for your particular pooch.


Regular Exercise

Aging dogs need exercise, too! In fact, it’s essential to keep excess weight off, keep the muscles and joints limber, and maintain a healthy mental stimulation. Go for walks or light jogs around the neighborhood, or play with a toy in the living room to give your dog a healthy workout.                                  


Veterinary Visits

Your senior dog should be seeing her veterinarian on a regular basis. This way, any health concerns can be caught early and dealt with before they’re allowed to progress. Most veterinarians recommend that a senior dog visit the office two to three times per year. Call your vet Fox Chapel, PA today to set up an appointment.

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