Should I Bathe my Cat?

Many people know that cats bathe themselves. In fact, they can spend almost half their waking life caring for their own personal hygiene. But are there ever instances when bathing a cat is necessary? Ask your Indianapolis vet for more information.

When to Bathe

Yes. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to bathe your cat. There are extenuating circumstances in which a cat might have been abandoned or gotten incredibly dirty. In such situations, it’s important to bathe them for their own health and to prevent infections. Ask your Indianapolis vet for more.

How to Bathe

Make sure that you use a cat or kitten specific shampoo. Then bathe them gently in a small tub. Chances are good that they won’t like it one bit! But, it’s sometimes necessary to put them through the discomfort. If you would like to know more, check with your Indianapolis vet.

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