Should I get a Dog or Cat?

People love and crave companionship. And it turns out that four-legged ones can be just as heartwarming as the two-legged variety. But which one should you get – a dog or cat? For the best information, check with your Gresham vet.


When it comes to dogs, they almost always are happy to greet you at the door. Dogs are far more dependent on their owners for most everything. They also tend to give a bit more affection than their feline counterparts. For more, check with your Gresham vet.


As for cats, they are far more independent. They can be left to their own devices for longer periods of time, provided that they have access to a litter box and food. Cats require a little more effort to elicit affection.

Either way, make sure and check with your veterinarian Gresham, OR for more information.

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