Should My Puppy Go Outside?

Your new puppy is probably eager to explore the great outdoors, but is he ready? Your East Greenwich vet can answer your questions, but here are a few quick tips.

Potty Training

Puppies younger than four weeks depend on their mothers for everything, including staying healthy and going to the bathroom. When your puppy is about four weeks old, he will begin to go to the bathroom without his mother’s help. At this point, you should begin his indoor potty-training. Your East Greenwich vet can give you tips about this. However, your puppy can also start making short outside trips. He will probably need to go fairly frequently, since his bladder is very small! You may need to wake up once or twice during the night to take him outside. Ask your East Greenwich vet about scheduling your puppy’s outside potty trips.


Puppies can start their vaccinations when they are about six weeks old. By about twelve weeks, they will be ready to go outside more often and meet other dogs without worrying about getting sick. Your Animal hospital East Greenwich, RI can help you make a vaccination plan for your puppy.

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