Signs of a Sick Bird

Do you own a bird? Part of being a responsible pet owner is knowing when your feathered friend is sick. Here, your Sun Prairie, WI veterinarian tells you about three signs of a sick bird:

Ruffled Feathers

Yes, bird ruffle their feathers naturally as a part of their normal behavior. However, keeping the feathers ruffled for long periods of time can indicate disease or infection. As a general rule of thumb, notify your vet if you see your bird keep the feathers ruffled for 24 hours or longer.

Clouded Eyes

A healthy bird’s eyes should always appear clean and clear. If you see cloudiness in the eyeballs, or notice crusts, discharge, inflammation, or redness around the eyeballs, let your vet know right away. Disease infection, and other health concerns could be to blame.

Cere Problems

Your bird’s cere is the area that houses the nostril holes, above the beak—it serves as your bird’s nose. If you see discharge coming from this area, or if you see crusty build-up, inflammation, or anything else that looks abnormal, it’s time to notify your veterinarian.

Contact your pet clinic Sun Prairie, WI as soon as you notice any health problems with your bird.

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