Signs of Dental Trouble in Your Pet

Did you know that dental health issues are some of the most common problems that veterinarians treat amongst dogs and cats? It’s up to you to recognize signs of dental trouble so that you can take quick action. Learn more here from a vet in Marietta, GA.

Loss of Appetite

One of the first signs of dental trouble in many pets is a loss of appetite or reluctance to eat. This could mean rotting teeth, swollen gums, pain, and much more! You’ll want to have your pet examined quickly if you think they’re shunning their food bowl.

Behavior Changes

Another key sign of dental issues—or other health concerns, for that matter—is a change of some kind in your pet’s behavior. Has your pet been acting out aggressively when they’re usually friendly? Have they been hiding away when they’re typically social? It might be more than a coincidence; it’s best to get your veterinarian’s opinion!

Bad Breath

We know, pets’ breath doesn’t often smell wonderful. Especially pungent breath, though, is a cause for concern! Rotting teeth and gums, infection, and more could be the root cause.

To schedule an appointment for your pet, call your animal hospital Marietta, GA.

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