Stop Your Dog’s Begging Behavior

Does your dog like to beg mercilessly at the table every time you and your family sit down to a meal? Unless you put an end to it, this behavior isn’t likely to stop. Try these suggestions from a Portland, OR vet to curb your dog’s begging.

Move Your Pooch

It’s a simple and effective solution—move your dog away from the kitchen and the dining room table. Secure your pooch in his crate or in another room so that he doesn’t have the opportunity to beg in the first place. Leave a chew toy with your dog so he can entertain himself.

Spot Training

Basic spot training is useful to combat begging, and it will help in other aspects of your dog’s life as well. When your dog starts whining at the table, giving the spot command will make them move away to their designated area. Ask your veterinarian how to get started with your dog’s training regimen.

Seek Professional Help

If you’re still having trouble combating your dog’s begging, you may need to seek professional help. A certified animal trainer or animal behaviorist may be able to change your dog’s behavior, so call your Portland, OR veterinarian today.

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