Summer Pet Care Basics

When the temperatures soar, it’s important to remember that your pet isn’t necessarily well-equipped to handle summer weather. After all, they’re wearing a coat of fur that they can’t remove. How do you keep your pet care? Read on as your veterinarian Westminster, MD tells you more.

Provide Fresh Water

Rule number one for pets safety in summer weather: provide your companion with plenty of freshwaters to drink at all times, whether they’re spending time indoors or outside. That way, your pets stay properly hydrated, and freshwaters also help to regulate body temperature. There’s no better way to keep your pet safe!

Avoid Hot Surfaces

Parking lots, driveways, and other asphalt surfaces heat up quickly in the summer. If you’re walking your pet outdoors, don’t let your companion linger on these surfaces. The paw pads can be burnt and blistered!

Bring Pets Inside

Last but not least, make sure you don’t leave your pet outdoors for too long in extremely hot weather. It’s all too easy for your pet to experience dehydration and heatstroke! Bring pet back inside where it’s cool and comfortable.

Want more summertime pet care tips? Contact your vet Westminster, MD. We’re here for you!

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