Swimming Safety Tips for Dogs

Are you planning on taking your dog swimming this summer? Many of our canine companions love to take a dip in backyard pools, public lakes, or the ocean. Just make sure Fido stays safe with these tips from a Columbia, MD veterinarian:

Swimming Ability

First, take a moment to consider if your dog can actually swim. It’s a myth that all dogs are natural swimmers—some aren’t good in the water at all, and may sink when placed in a body of water! If your dog doesn’t want to swim, don’t force him.


It’s always a good idea to enter the water with your dog to provide support. In the ocean, never allow your pooch to swim out farther than a few feet from shore; it’s all too easy for your dog to get swept out by currents and tides. In a pool, doggie floatation devices may be in order if your dog needs a little help.

Rinse Off

Once your dog is done swimming, rinse them off with fresh water. This will remove salt, sand, and chlorine that you don’t want sticking around!

Would you like more water-safety tips for your dog? Contact your animal hospital Columbia, MD.

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