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Summer Pet Care Basics

When the temperatures soar, it’s important to remember that your pet isn’t necessarily well-equipped to handle summer weather. After all, they’re wearing a coat of fur that they can’t remove. How do you keep your pet care? Read on as your veterinarian Westminster, MD tells you more. Provide Fresh Water Rule number one for pets safety

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Everything You Need to Know About the Catnip Plant

Catnip is widely available and beloved by many of our feline friends. How much do you know about this fascinating plant? Learn all about catnip below from your veterinarian Westminster, MD. What is Catnip, Anyway? Catnip is an herb, related to mint and other common herbs that you might have growing in your spice garden.

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Pet Toxins Found in Almost Every Home

That’s right, there are a few pet toxins that almost every home already contains. Luckily, it’s easy to protect your pet with a few preventative steps! Learn more below from a veterinarian Westminster, MD. Cleaning Supplies All sorts of cleaning supplies––household disinfectants, carpet cleaners, bleach-based solutions, air fresheners, and much more––can harm a pet who

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