Taking Care of a Stray Dog

We see inspirational tales all the time about how people bravely befriend and rescue strays in order to get them help. You might want to help, but before you interact with a stray, first contact your Greenwood vet. So how do you take care of a stray while its waiting to get adopted?


It’s really important to give the stray dog a thorough bath. It might be difficult and the dog might not trust you, so be careful. It’s important to never put yourself at risk. It might be necessary to call animal control if the dog is too aggressive. Ask your Greenwood vet for more advice.


If the dog is malnourished, it is unhealthy to simply let it eat as much as it can. Instead, take it by your Greenwood vet to get it checked out and to find out how to nurse the poor thing back to health.


Many rescue shelters can provide a large base of support for both taking care of the stray as well as retain a wide-reaching network of possible homes. Your Greenwood vet will have the best and most up to date information.


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