Telltale Signs of Illness in Cats

Our feline friends can be quite good at hiding their discomfort when they aren’t feeling well. It’s hard to tell when your cat is ill! Here, your Aurora, CO veterinarian tells you about three telltale signs of illness in cats.

Behavior Changes

Is your cat hiding away recently, when she’s usually out amongst the family? Perhaps she’s been acting out aggressively when she’s usually docile. These types of changes could be due to injury or illness! It’s best to have your cat examined if you think she’s acting strangely.

Loss of Appetite

A loss of appetite isn’t a good sign in almost any animal, your feline friend included. If your cat isn’t eating the way she normally does, something might be amiss. It’s worth a trip to the vet’s office for a checkup!

Poor Coat Quality

When your cat doesn’t get the right nutrients from food, or if an illness or infection has befallen her, one of the first things to suffer will be the coat quality. If your cat’s coat is looking dry, dull, or flaky, let your veterinarian know.

Would you like more tips on your cat’s health and wellness needs? Contact your vet clinic Aurora, CO today.

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