The Basics of Good Guinea Pig Care

If you’re considering adopting a guinea pig in the near future, you’ll need to know the basics of their care. You’re in luck—below, a vet in Poway, CA tells you about the beginnings of great guinea pig care.


Cage Needs

Your guinea pig will require a cage large enough to house a food dish, a water bottle, toys, and hiding spots. The bottom must be solid to accommodate your pig’s wood-shaving bedding material, which must be scooped out and changed every few days.


Dietary Requirements

Guinea pigs need a regular diet of hay and commercial pellet food, available at pet supply stores and certain retail outlets. In addition, the diet must be supplemented daily with fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, zucchini, lettuce, cucumbers, or strawberries. Talk to your vet for further specifics on your pet’s dietary needs.


Handling Tips

Many guinea pigs are rather skittish, and it may take time for them to warm up to human contact. Keep this in mind before getting frustrated! Your veterinary professional can help you with more guinea-pig handling tips.


Does your newly adopted pet require veterinary attention or a routine checkup? Make an appointment to see your Vets Poway, CA today.

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