The Basics of Pet Insurance Plans

Just as you would purchase insurance for your car or home, you can purchase insurance for your pet’s health. You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s all pretty simple! Learn more here from a veterinarian Lewisville, TX.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance works just like other types of insurance. You’ll pay a premium, probably on a yearly, bi-yearly, or monthly basis, and have a set deductible. Then, when veterinary bills reach your deductible, the plan will begin paying.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Different kinds of pet insurance cover different things. There are “catastrophe” plans that cover serious medical problems or high-cost procedures, and plans that cover more routine things like medication or routine wellness exams. It’s up to you and your vet to select the plan that covers what you’ll need.

Is Pet Insurance Right for My Pet?

Pet insurance is a good idea for any pet, and it’s especially helpful for pets who have pre-existing conditions or may need to visit their veterinarian more than usual. Senior pets and extremely young pets can also benefit from coverage of an insurance plan.

Want to learn more about pet insurance? Your vets Lewisville, TX is here to help.

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