The Benefits of Microchips

Microchips are widely considered the best method of keeping pets properly identified. You may wonder what benefits they have over ID tags. Here, a Livonia, MI veterinarian tells you more.

Constant Identification

A microchip is inserted under a pet’s skin, so they can’t remove it. ID tags hanging from a collar could be chewed off, or the collar itself could get snagged and rip off. A microchip keeps your pet constantly identified, so you never have to worry about identification should your pet get lost or run away.

Easy to Update

If you have a change of address or phone number, you’ll need to have new ID tags made for your animal companion. With a microchip, the updating procedure is simple. Contact the microchip manufacturer by phone or email, tell them about your new information, and your pet’s contact information will be updated instantly.

Simple Procedure

Getting your pet a microchip is simple. The chip is inserted with a specialized needle, and it will only take a few moments. All your pet will feel is a slight pinch, much like a regular vaccination.

Do you have more questions about pet microchips? Call your Livonia, MI veterinarian’s office for more information.

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