The Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

While grooming your dog is essential for good appearance, it’s also about more than that. Here, your vet in Livonia, MI tells you about some of the benefits of regular dog grooming.

Healthy Skin and Fur

Brushing daily prevents tangles and mats from forming, which in turn avoids grime build-up and painful hair pulling. Brushing also helps to spread essential skin oils through the fur, keeping it naturally moisturized and healthy. Ask your vet to recommend a quality dog brush.

Reduced Shedding

Since brushing traps loose and/or dead hair in the brush itself, you’re reducing the amount of shed fur found on your carpets and furniture. Plus, brushing keeps the fur moisturized, which also cuts down on shedding initially.

Quality Bonding Time

Here’s an added benefit of regular grooming you may not have thought of: it doubles as quality bonding time between you and your dog. The relationship you have with your pooch is one of the true highlights of life, and you should never take it for granted! Eventually, you and your dog may even look forward to grooming sessions simply because they provide quality bonding time.

Ask your Livonia, MI veterinarians for more information on your dog’s grooming.

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