The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Did you know that owning a pet may actually improve your health? It’s another great benefit of our furry friends! Learn more below as your veterinarian Plano, TX elaborates:

Less Stress

Studies show that pet owners are, on the whole, less stressed than people who don’t own pets at all. The value of having a trusted companion to confide in and relax with should not be underestimated!


This one is primarily for the dog owners out there. Since your dog needs daily walks, multiple times per day, you’re getting more exercise on a daily basis than those who do not own a canine companion. You may also run with your dog or romp around, ultimately burning calories.

Heart Health

Pet owners tend to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, meaning they have greater heart health in general. This is likely because of a combination of the above factors; plenty of exercise and a low-stress level means a healthy heart!  


Does your four-legged companion need medical attention? Do you have questions about your pet’s behavior or wellness needs? We’re here to help! Set up an appointment today to have your pet examined by your pet clinic Plano, TX.


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