The Importance of Grooming for Dogs

Grooming is about much more than simply helping your dog look their best, although it does that quite well. Grooming offers many benefits! Learn more here from your Frisco, TX veterinary professional.

Skin and Fur Health

Brushing and bathing help to remove grime from your dog’s skin and fur, effectively preventing skin infections and other issues. It’s a great way to keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy while also making sure Fido smells his absolute best! Ask your vet to recommend a canine-formulated shampoo.

Reduced Shedding

Brushing your dog spreads natural skin oils through the fur. This gives your dog’s coat a healthy shine, and it also helps to cut down on shedding. If you’re tired of finding dog hair all over your home, run a brush through your pooch’s hair on a daily basis. The results will surprise you!

Topical Health Check

Grooming doubles as a great time to give your dog’s body a thorough check-up at home. Run your hands over your dog’s body and check for any lumps, bumps, or anything else out of the ordinary. Let your vet know if you find something abnormal.

For more grooming tips, call your veterinary clinic Frisco TX, today.

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