The Original Therapy Dog

We love our four legged canine family. Everyone knows that they can perceive human emotion and are always there for both celebrating and consolation when needed. But have you ever heard of Smoky, the first therapy dog? If you have any questions about pet care, check with your Aurora vet clinic.

The Beginning

A soldier found her in New Guinea and Smoky went through all of the trials of the pacific theater right along with her owner. For advice about your own pet, check with your Aurora vet clinic.

Learning Tricks

Smoky spent a good deal of time in various hospitals, doing tricks to entertain the wounded. This was a notable help to those who needed their spirits lifted. She provided an invaluable service to these brave men. For pet questions, check with your Aurora vet clinic.

Smoky went all over the world, performing tricks for audiences for years even after the war. Although she also helped with actual missions as well, she is best known for going around and making the wounded feel more comfortable. For the best in pet care, check with your Aurora vet clinic.

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