The Proud Shuffle

The other day, I was walking my dog in the park. He was investigating the local flora with his nose, sniffing every tree, bush, park bench, sign post, etc. Dogs love to explore scents – and leaving their own. If you have any questions about your dog, check with your Greenville vet.

Getting it Out

When dogs hike their legs or squat to urinate, they then often walk around and shuffle their paw, kicking dirt and grass everywhere, just ask your Greenville vet! As I looked down at my own little hound, he started to do this after relieving himself. The, he held his head high and shuffled/strutted all around – “big man” on campus. For more information about dogs and marking, check with your Greenville vet.

What was Morty doing? He wasn’t trying to be a jerk by kicking it around, he was simply trying to spread his scent into the air. He simply did so with little regard to everyone else. This is a way that dogs can mark their territory and announce to other dogs that they’re there. For more information about such behavior, check with your Greenville vet.

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