Three Advantages of Pet Microchips

You’ve probably heard of pet microchips by now, but are you aware just why they’re so beneficial? Here, your Thousand Oaks, CA veterinary professional tells you about three great advantages of microchips.

Easy to Have Updated

If you move or get a new telephone number, you’ll need brand-new ID tags made. A microchip saves you the hassle! All you have to do is contact the chip manufacturer via phone or email, and they’ll be able to update your pet’s contact information in their database right away.

Quick and Painless Procedure

Getting your pet a microchip only takes a few moments. The chip unit itself is inserted under the skin (typically between the shoulder blades) with a specialized syringe. All your pet feels is a slight pinching sensation, and the entire procedure is over in a few moments!

Secure Identification

Perhaps the greatest advantage of microchips is that your pet cannot remove their identification by accident or on purpose. This way, even if an escape occurs unexpectedly, you never have to worry about your animal friend going unidentified!

Would you like to get your pet a microchip for a lifetime of proper identification? Call your veterinarians Thousand Oaks, CA today.

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