Three Easy Steps to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

For your dog, regular nail trims are an important part of his grooming routine. When nails are allowed to grow too long, they can split or fracture painfully, potentially even making walking difficult. Here, your Longview, TX vet offers three easy steps to clip Fido’s nails.

Gather Your Supplies

First, get together everything you’ll need in a well-lit area of the house. You’ll need a pair of clippers made specifically for dogs, a styptic powder or pen to staunch any bleeding, and a few tasty dog treats.

Snip the Tips

Select one of your dog’s paws to start with (a front paw usually works best). Snip the very tip of each nail to blunt it; don’t clip too far, or you’ll snip the blood vessel that runs into the nail and cause bleeding. If you do accidentally go too far, your styptic powder is on hand to help with any bleeding.

Repeat and Reward

Repeat the process with Fido’s other paws, rewarding him with a tasty treat after each paw is completed. Before you know it, you’ll be done!

To have the professionals trim your dog’s nails for you, set up an appointment here at your veterinary clinic Longview, TX.

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