Three Easy Ways to Improve Fido’s Coat Quality

Is your dog’s coat looking a bit lackluster recently? It’s time to spruce up your canine companion’s good looks! Below, your Scottsdale, AZ vet tells you how to improve your dog’s coat quality.


Brush your dog on a regular basis; not only will this remove loose and dead fur from the coat, it spreads essential skin oils throughout the fur. This moisturizes the coat naturally and ultimately cuts down on shedding. If you’d like a recommendation on a great brush for your dog’s fur type, contact your vet’s office today.

Proper Diet

Diet has quite a lot to do with your dog’s overall appearance. Without the right balance of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients, the skin and fur quality will suffer. Talk to your vet about a great diet choice that will benefit your dog’s coat of fur.


Some dogs benefit from dietary supplements, like fish or coconut oil, to promote good skin and fur health. Consult your vet before giving your dog such a supplement, though—not all dogs will need these dietary measures.

Call your veterinarians Scottsdale, AZ is here to help with all of your dog’s wellness needs. Set up an appointment today!

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