Three Indoor Plant Hazards for Cats

Oftentimes, our feline friends and plants don’t agree. For whatever reason, some cats even seem to enjoy gnawing on plants! Unfortunately, this can present a hazard. Learn about some of the most common offenders below from your vet Livonia, MI.


Did you know that many types of lilies—the Easter lily, Tiger lily, stargazer lilies, and much more—are toxic to our feline friends? Since lilies are often found in bouquets and floral arrangements inside of the home, it’s important to remove them if you own a cat.

Aloe Plants

Various types of aloe plants are toxic to animals. If your cat is the type to nibble on the nearest leaf she can find, it’s better to be safe than sorry! These common indoor plants should be taken elsewhere to avoid any risk to your beloved pet.


Dieffenbachia is a very common home and office plant, but it is dangerous for our animal companions. Don’t run the risk of a toxic reaction—choose another plant to decorate your living space with so that your cat can explore in peace.

For more information on both toxic and non-toxic plants, contact your vet clinic Livonia, MI. Your cat will thank you!

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