Three Reasons to Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

Has your pet been spayed or neutered? It’s an important step for proper health throughout your companion’s life. Learn about some of the many benefits of the procedure in this article from a veterinarian Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Better Behaviour

Generally speaking, pets who have had the procedure performed behave far better than those who haven’t. Without as many sex hormones coursing through their system, a pet is far less likely to display undesirable behaviour like house soiling, urine spraying, aggression, escaped attempts, digging, scratching, chewing, loud vocalizations, and others.

Lowered Health Risks

The risk of genital cancers is virtually eliminated in pets who have been spayed or neutered, and breast, prostate, and other cancer types are also less likely. Urinary tract infections and other more common problems are also not as likely to occur! Save yourself worry, hassle, and money by having the procedure performed early on in life.

The Greater Good

Don’t forget that the spay or neuter procedure benefits animal welfare as a whole—by having the procedure performed, you’re ensuring that your pet doesn’t contribute to pet overpopulation, which is already a huge problem!

Learn more about spaying and neutering by calling your vet clinic Winnipeg, Manitoba today.

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