Three Reasons Your Cat is Annoyed With You

Our feline friends can be fairly finicky. If you own a cat, it’s a safe bet that they’ve been annoyed with you on at least a few occasions! Below, your veterinarians Plano, TX lists some of the most common reasons your cat is irritated with you.

Not Cleaning the Litterbox

Cats love a clean bathroom. If you don’t clean out your cat’s box often enough, she may decide to stop using it entirely! Be sure to scoop out your cat’s litterbox daily, and change the litter entirely about once a week. This makes sure that things stay fresh and that your cat keeps using her bathroom.

Not Providing Enough Toys

Don’t allow your cat to lay around all day without getting any physical activity. It’s a short road to obesity! Provide your feline friend with plenty of fun toys so that she gets moving every day. Try enticing Fluffy with catnip if she isn’t the most active pet.

Not Setting Up Enough Napping Spots

If there’s one thing that our feline friends love to do, it’s sleep. Make sure your pet has plenty of comfy napping spots!

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