Three Senior Dog Care Tips

If your dog is getting along in years, it’s essential that you pay attention to his health and happiness vigilantly. Use these tips from a Greenville, SC vet to make sure your aging dog stays in tip-top shape.


All senior dogs should be fed a specially formulated diet made just for the nutritional needs of aging dogs. The dietary needs of a young animal are much different than those of your elderly companion! Ask your vet to recommend a great senior diet for your canine companion.


Older dogs need their exercise, too! Make sure to get your dog moving daily with light activities like walks, gentle jogs, or a quick play session at home. Consult your veterinarian to find out about other great ways to provide your older dog with exercise.

Veterinary Visits

When your veterinarian examines your pooch regularly, he or she can catch any health concerns early on, treating them effectively before they’re allowed to get any worse. Your vet can also provide you with helpful tips on maintaining your dog’s well-being moving forward.

Does your dog need a veterinary exam? Want a recommendation on a great food choice? Contact your Veterinary Clinic Greenville, SC today.

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