Three Signs of a Sick Cat

Our feline friends are fairly good at hiding their pain. It’s often hard to tell when a cat isn’t feeling well—here, a Marietta, GA veterinarian tells you about three common signs of a sick cat.

Drastic Behavior Changes

Keeping an eye on your cat’s behavior is one of the best ways to tell if she’s feeling poorly. A cat who is usually social and friendly, but is suddenly aggressive or hides a lot, may be experiencing pain or sickness. Let your veterinarian know if you think your cat is behaving very differently than normal.


While all cats will cough up the occasional hairball and may occasionally vomit if they’ve eaten too fast, it’s safe to say that consistent vomiting is a red flag. Diarrhea is another symptom that could be indicative of various health problems. Call your vet’s office promptly if your cat is exhibiting these symptoms.

Poor Coat Quality

Have you noticed your cat’s coat looking rather lackluster recently? It may be indicative of internal concerns, because a cat’s coat is one of the best indicators of her overall health!

Does your cat need veterinary attention? Set up an appointment today at your Pet Clinic Marietta, GA.

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