Three Signs of an Ill Bird

As a responsible bird owner, it’s up to you to know when your feathered friend isn’t feeling her best. Here, your Warminster, PA veterinarian tells you about three signs of a sick bird.

Loss of Appetite

It’s safe to say that a loss of appetite is a sign of illness in almost any animal, birds included. If you’ve noticed a lot of leftover food in your bird’s bowl recently, it may be time to check with your veterinarian. Even if your bird isn’t sick, she may require dietary supplementation or a new food brand to resume eating.

Ruffled Feathers

Birds ruffle their feathers as part of their normal behavior, but not for long. If you see your bird keeping her feathers ruffled for longer than a 24-hour span, something may be amiss. Let your veterinarian know right away, as respiratory issues or infections could be the root cause of such behavior.

Cere Issues

Your bird’s cere is their nose—it’s the area above the beak that houses the nostrils. If you see discharge coming from this area or dried crusts nearby, place a call to your vet’s office.

Ask your vet Warminster, PAs about other signs of sickness in birds.

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