Three Ways to Improve Fido’s Dental Health

Dental disorders are some of the most common health problems that veterinarians treat amongst our domesticated dogs. Do you think your canine companion’s oral health could use a little improvement? Use these tips from a Plano, TX vet to shape things up.

Good Chew Toys

Chew toys are about more than just good fun. They actually help to keep a dog’s teeth and gums strong, and they scrape off loose plaque from the outer tooth surfaces, removing it before it can harden into dangerous tartar. Be sure to provide your dog with plenty of safe chew toys at all times.


Did you know that you can brush your pooch’s teeth at home using a canine-formulated toothpaste and a pet toothbrush? Pick up these items at a local pet supply store or your vet’s office, and ask your veterinary professional how to get started.

Dental Exams

Professional dental examinations by a licensed veterinarian are easily the best way to make sure your dog’s dental health stays in order. Make sure your dog sees his veterinarian regularly—if your pooch needs his mouth examined, call your veterinary clinic Plano, TX today to set up an appointment. Your dog will thank you!

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