Thunder, Fireworks, and Fear

It is a common issue that many dog owners face: loud bangs. It can be incredibly stressful on your dog, especially since it’s a loud noise that she hears without a source and goes beyond her understanding. Not to mention that dogs’ superior hearing means it is louder for them than it is for us. So what can you do about it? Check with your Greenwood vet for the best solutions.

Don’t Punish

Punishing or reprimanding your dog will only make things worse. The idea is to show compassion and use a calm voice to try and calm your dog down. This will help them to take a clue from you that everything is ok. Ask your Greenwood vet for more about not punishing dogs who fear lightning.

Comfort – But Not Too Much

Too much consolation can actually feed their fears as well. Just be patient. Also, exposing your dog steadily to noises can also be a solution. Ask your Greenwood vet for what the best course of action is.


ThunderShirts can help some dogs. Not all will react well, but it does work with plenty.

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