Time to Leave the Crate

It’s best to train a new dog or puppy to live and reside in her crate. Keep in mind that not all dogs are capable of being out of their crates when unsupervised. Some get into all kinds of mischief (which is why we love them!) but others can handle it and do better uncrated. The question is, when? For the best information, check with your Marietta vet.

How to Start

Start small. Try to leave your dog unattended in a room adjacent to where you are. Start with 30 minute periods at first, then slowly move up to longer and longer bouts of time. For more information, ask your Marietta vet.

Why Not?

There are several reasons why you might not want to do this, such as separation anxiety. If your dog has really bad separation anxiety he is more likely to do damage to the house such as “digging” on the carpet or tearing up furniture. If you are unsure about what decision to make, ask your Marietta vet.

If you continue crating, make sure that leaving isn’t a big “event”. This can help with the transition. For more, ask your Marietta vet.


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