Tips for the Dog Park

There are many things to watch for when you’re getting your dog ready for its first trip to the dog park. It can be incredibly exciting and socially engaging, but you will want to keep a few things in mind. Check with your Aurora vet for more information.

Is it ready?

Dog parks are off-leash environments. You need to make sure that the dog isn’t too aggressive toward other dogs. If it is, it will require more training before you venture out. Ask your Aurora vet for the best practices.

Keep a close watch.

It is important that you maintain a vigilant look out for your dog in case any problems arise. This is essential to make sure that there aren’t any fights or general problems that can occur. Your Aurora vet clinic can help you plan.

Make sure that you prepare enough so that you and your dog can enjoy the time. Dog parks are wonderful places for canine social engagement and can be a blessing in more urban areas where dogs lack the space to run. If you would like to know more, ask your veterinarians aurora.


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