Tips for a Healthy Cat

There are many studies which show that quality of life directly increases quantity in healthy pets. In other words, a happy cat will live a longer life! But how do you keep your cat happy, even when they appear to fuss? For more information, check with your East Greenwich vet.

  1. Appropriate Devices

Kitty condos, “cat trees”, and all sorts of other pieces can make your cat’s life that much happier. Give it an interesting challenge to navigate throughout its day. Everyone loves a good challenge! Ask your East Greenwich vet for more ideas.

  1. Cat TV

One great way to keep your cat’s attention when you’re not at home or available for play is to give it a nice relaxing spot at a window. This way, it can look out and keep abreast of all the things going on in the neighborhood. Check with your East Greenwich vet for more.

  1. Screen Porch

A screen porch is a great way for your cat to experience the outdoors yet still remain safe.

Remember also to interact with your cat. For more advice on keeping your cat healthy, check with your East Greenwich vet.

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