Tips on Walking Your Cat

Most often, we think of our canine companions as the most common pets to be walked. Did you know that cats, too, can sometimes be walked on a leash? Learn more here from a veterinarian Rochester, NY.

The Right Equipment

Never use a collar or leash designed for a dog on your cat—it could physically harm them. Instead, you’ll want to purchase a feline-specific harness and leash combination. These are available at pet supply stores and certain retail outlets; ask your vet for a recommendation.

Choosing a Path

Don’t try walking your cat on a busy, narrow street. This is only asking for trouble. Pick a quiet, suburban area where your cat isn’t as likely to be startled by cars or other passersby.

Don’t Force It

Keep this in mind: many cats will not take kindly to walking outdoors, especially if they’re hooked up to a harness. Don’t force the issue if your cat doesn’t seem to want to go for a walk—it’s simply not worth putting them under stress!

Does your cat need medical attention? Wondering about other fun activities to do with your feline friend? Contact your vet Rochester, NY for advice from the professionals.

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