Trimming Fido’s Nails in Three Quick Steps

Nail trims are important for your dog’s health—when nails get too long, they can fracture painfully, making walking difficult, or get snagged on things. Luckily, trimming at home isn’t difficult. Learn how here from a veterinarian in Middletown, DE. 

Get your supplies together.

You’ll need a set of nail trimmers made specifically for dogs (never use human trimmers or trimmers made for another kind of animal!), a styptic powder or pen, and a few tasty dog treats. 

Snip the tips.

Sit down with your dog (preferably when he’s calm) and select a paw to start with. Snip the very tip of the nail—you’re only trying to blunt it. If you clip too far, you’ll snip the blood vessel and cause bleeding. That’s where your styptic powder comes in. If the bleeding won’t stop, let your vet know right away.

Move on to the next paw and reward your dog.

Take your time and move on to the next paw when you’re ready. Reward your dog as you go for a job well done! 

Do you need help with Fido’s nail trims? We can take care of that for you. Set up your dog’s next appointment at your local vets in Middletown, DE.

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