Understanding the Importance of Play for Dogs

Just about every dog likes to play. But it’s about much more than good plain fun, although that’s reason enough. There are actually many benefits to regular playtime for dogs! Learn more here from veterinarian London, ON.

Good Exercise

A dog who is playing is also getting a good workout. It’s important for your dog to get that heart rate up and exercise the limbs and body to keep joints limber. Plus, the act of chewing on a chew toy is good for dental health because it scrapes away some of the loose plaque on your dog’s teeth.

Mental Stimulation

Generally, dogs who play regularly behave better than those who are cooped up all day with no outlet for their energy. A dog needs to stimulate their mind, just like a human does. And play is the main way that our canine friends do that. 

Bonding Time

Of course, regular play sessions make for excellent bonding time between pet and owner. It’s very important for you and your dog to nurture your relationship so that you both trust each other. Don’t take that bond for granted!

Your pet clinic London, ON is here for your dog’s healthcare needs—call today.

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