Understanding Your Cat’s Tail Positions

Cats communicate quite a lot through body language, specifically with their tails. Have you ever wondered what your cat’s tail might be saying? Find out more below from your Montgomery, TX veterinarian.

The Curve

A cat who holds the tail in a gentle curve is likely feeling relaxed, amused, and playful. A cat who hunkers down and waves the tail back and forth is probably ready to make a playful pounce! Oblige your kitty and offer her some fun toys to amuse herself with.

The Flagpole

Have you ever seen your cat hold the tail straight up and down in a rigid manner? Some call this tail position the “flagpole.” It means your cat is feeling poised and self-confident. This position is not to be confused with a straight and puffed tail; that means your cat is alarmed and is ready to defend herself.

The Wrap

Sometimes, cats wrap their tail around a human’s leg—or even another pet—as they pass. This is your cat’s way of showing affection; it’s similar to the way we might wrap an arm around a loved one!

All cats are different—talk to your Veterinarian Montgomery, TX professional about your cat’s specific mannerisms.

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