Want to Save a Ton? Invest in Preventative Care!

We know it’s true and unavoidable – vet costs can get pretty high. But there’s good news: many major conditions can be prevented altogether! Here are a few ways that you can save on the long-term cost of your furry friend’s care by taking some proactive steps:


The most obvious preventative care comes in the form of vaccines. The shots that an animal gets as soon as it’s either born or rescued helps to save it from expensive treatments that can come along later. Spay and neutering services significantly reduce the risk of many tumors. For female pets, they prevent pregnancy which can cause several different complications.


Another preventative care practice you can do – and for free! – is exercise. Exercise helps with your pet’s immune system, lowers its risk for heart disease, as well as lowers its risk for chronic illness. Exercise ensures that your pet ages gracefully and can live a longer and better overall life.


Maintaining a proper diet also helps a great deal in making sure that your pet stays at the proper weight. Obesity can lead to several chronic illnesses.

Prep for a Loss

Think about getting your dog microchipped. This procedure has become less and less expensive over the years. It also makes sense that with all of the financial and emotional investments you’ve made into your four-legged family members, a microchip can help increase the chance of finding them if lost.

Make Friends

Socializing your pets is a big deal, both with humans and other animals. Animals need relationships just like people. And like people some need more connection and others less. The key, though, is to make sure that your pet is not isolated away from others for too long. It is important for their psychological development which greatly impacts their overall health.

Get the Insurance

Consider pet insurance or a savings account for them. These programs can make sure that if you ever do run into a significant problem, the costs to you will be as low as possible – and far lower than they would be without insurance.

Just remember that preventative care makes a huge difference in the life of your pet. If you live in the Poway area and want to know more about what you can do to help mitigate pet costs through preventative care, visit pet clinic Poway for more information.

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