Water Safety Tips for Dogs

It sure is a lot of fun to go swimming with your canine companion. It’s important to keep a few safety tips in mind, though! Below, your vet in Hinesville, GA gives you a few pointers.

Get in With Your Pooch

It’s important that you get into the water—whether you’re swimming in a public lake or your backyard pool—with your dog. Remember: not all dogs are strong swimmers! It is always safest to provide a supportive hand.

Don’t Drink the Water

Don’t allow your dog to drink chlorinated pool water or salty ocean water, as both may irritate the stomach and dry out the mouth, encouraging your dog to drink even more. Bring along a thermos of cool, fresh water just for your dog, and allow him to drink from it regularly.

Rinse Out the Coat

Leaving chlorinated water or ocean salt in your dog’s fur after your swimming session is never a good idea. These substances will irritate the skin and dry out your pooch’s coat. Be sure to use the garden hose or the bathtub faucet to thoroughly rinse your dog after swimming time is over.

Ask your Pet Clinic Hinesville, GA for greater water-safety tips.

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