Weight Loss for Dogs in 3 Easy Steps

Is your canine companion looking a bit pudgy? Nearly half of all domesticated dogs are overweight! It’s up to you to get Fido back to his normal size. Use these tips from a veterinarian Newmarket, ON to do just that.

Portion Control

Ask your veterinarian about the proper portion size for your dog. Overfeeding is one of the leading causes of obesity among pets, so it’s important that you don’t give your dog too much food. Measure out a specific portion size, and never free-feed, which is leaving food out at all times for your dog to munch on as he pleases.

Diet Change

If your dog is eating a “budget” diet full of filler material and empty calories, he’s probably packing on extra pounds that he doesn’t need. Switch the diet to a high-quality food choice made just for Fido’s age and breed. Ask your vet for a recommendation.


Your dog simply won’t shed the excess pounds without exercising. Get your pooch moving on a daily basis via fun play sessions, walks around the block, and jogs in the backyard.

Call your animal hospital Newmarket, ON if your pet needs help losing weight. We’re always here for you!

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