What Are Probiotics and How Can They Help My Pet?

You may have heard of probiotics before, but how much do you really know about them? Are they as beneficial for pets as they are for humans? The answer is yes! Learn more here from a pet clinic in Cincinnati, OH. 

What Are Probiotics, Exactly?

Probiotics are beneficial microbes living in your pet’s small or large intestines. They keep “bad” microbes like harmful bacteria from affecting your pet’s health. Probiotics help to destroy pathogens, manufacture nutrients, and digest food. If you decide to add a probiotic product to your pet’s diet, it may take the form of a capsule or tablet, a yogurt or kefir product, or it can be included in pet food. 

What Do They Do for My Pet? 

Probiotics help maintain the proper microbial balance in the gut. They can regulate digestive health, manage or resolve infections and infestations, and even lower stress levels. 

Should I Give My Pet a Probiotic? 

It’s always best to ask your vet before giving your pet a probiotic supplement. That way, you have the all-clear to make sure it’s safe! 

Want to learn more about probiotics and your pet’s digestive health? Contact your animal hospital Cincinnati, OH today. We’re always here to help!

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