What to Do If Fido is Terrified of Thunderstorms

Is your dog scared of thunderstorms? He’s not alone—dogs may sense changes in air pressure and static electricity levels, not to mention the loud booms and brilliant flashes. Use the following tips from a veterinarian Savannah, GA to help your dog stay calm:

Distract Your Pup

Some dogs—especially puppies and younger canines—can simply be distracted from what’s going on outdoors. Start playing with your dog using a favorite toy, or distract them with a few tasty treats, when a storm starts rolling in. If you’re lucky, they’ll be so entertained they won’t even notice the thunder!

Create a Safe Zone

For dogs that can’t simply be distracted, create a safe zone in a quiet area of the home, like a basement. Outfit it with a pet bed, several soft blankets, and a few favorite toys. Take your pet there when bad weather starts approaching and remain with them there until the storm passes.

Ask Your Vet for Help

Does your dog have severe storm anxiety? Your vet can help. Steps like anxiety medication and professional behavior modification might be necessary, so give the office a call today.

Contact your vet clinic Savannah, GA today to learn more.

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